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Smoke & Mirrors


Spending the summer with his aunt as the only Black kid in a small midwestern town was bad enough, but now Andreus “Andy” Carter’s summer has been effectively ruined. His Dad’s parole hearing is postponed, and an old barn burns down. When the town points the blame at him, Andy is sentenced with helping the barn’s owner, a cantankerous old man, renovate his crumbling mansion—a mansion that hides a mystery. It was once owned by the famous (or infamous, depending on who you ask) magician, The Red Nave, who disappeared without a trace in 1954.


Investigating a mystery from the 50s isn’t the same as spending time with his dad, but Andy can’t help but be drawn into The Red Nave’s exciting world of magic and illusions. To solve the Nave’s final vanishing act, Andy teams up with another boy he doesn't quite trust. Secret by secret he uncovers not only the true identity of the Nave but the truth about Andy himself, and maybe just maybe he’ll reconnect with his dad and make new friends too.


"A good read."

-My dad


I am a children's author from Columbus, Ohio. I love writing captivating mysteries, full of plot twists, red herrings, and unlikely friendships.


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